Raven’s Claw! Winter here, longing for Spring…

Winter has hit Cape May county with a vengeance. Already we have had two snowfalls, neither of which were significant, but the cold weather has been brutal for the last few days. I’m already longing for Springtime, but I know that real winter has not even begun.

This Mercury retrograde has been particularly bad. Many of my clients have had a difficult time. Miscommunications have  been the cause of so many problems for people. The best course of action in dealing with this is to slow down. Take time to examine communication before you reply, especially on social media. Listen to your heart not your head. That monkey mind will get you every time!

I recently joined the International Spiritualist Federation This is an organization dedicated to bringing Spiritualist together from around the world.

There will be a few events upcoming in Spring which I will be promoting shortly. I’m homing to do some more events  at Historic Cold Spring Village and I will announce that when/if it becomes feasible. I will certainly be offering Ghost Walks once again there throughout the 2018 season!

I’m available as always most evenings for :


All for now,

Machts gut un sei gesund!

R. Scott Bitting (Ravn)





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