The Church of Ravenstar & Ravenstar Psychic Services!

  We are an Independent  Spiritualist Church located in Cape May County, NJ. Our primary influence is the Anderson Feri Tradition.  Donations to the Church help support among other things, the Cape May County Homeless and Cape May County Animal Shelter.

Spiritualist services are conducted at St. Babs Church, Goshen, NJ.

Declaration of Principles*

  1. We believe in Infinite Intelligence.
  2. We believe that the phenomena of Nature, both physical and spiritual, are the expression of Infinite Intelligence.
  3. We affirm that a correct understanding of such expression and living in accordance therewith, constitute true religion.
  4. We affirm that the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death.
  5. We affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact, scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.
  6. We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  7. We affirm the moral responsibility of individuals and that we make our own happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey Nature’s physical and spiritual laws.
  8. We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any soul here or hereafter.
  9. We affirm that the precepts of Prophecy and Healing are Divine attributes proven through Mediumship.

Bob Bitting- Spiritualist Minister, Medium and Psychic

Bob Bitting (Ravenstar) Has been a Psychic, Medium and Spiritual counselor for over 35 years…

 Bob Bitting (Ravenstar) was born and raised in Cape May, NJ, The nations oldest seaside resort… At the confluence of the Atlantic ocean and the Delaware bay, where ancient Victorian Mansions abound, Bob honed his Psychic skills. He was the first Psychic medium to explore Historic Cold Spring Village. Bob has done over 18,000 readings online! MORE INFO and information on Bobs Private in person readings and event scheduling. Click Here!

It's Wednesday 11:50 PM


  • Phone Readings!

    I'll call you via the number you provide, first come, first served, during general availability times.Please email with your contact phone number, unless you're already in our database. You may also use the Click4advisor button to arrange a call after regular hours. just click the call button and arrange a call!
    Psychic Readings
  • Bob (Ravn’s) Current Availablility for Phone Readings:

    Bob is not available for Phone Readings right now.Available again on Thursday May 13, 2021 from 8:00 pm until 9:45 pm Eastern Time!Phone Readings today 8:00 pm - 9:45 pm
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  • Bob (Ravn’s) Current Availability for Phone Readings This Week:

    8:00 pm - 9:45 pm
    8:00 pm - 9:45 pm
    8:00 pm - 9:45 pm
    8:00 pm - 9:45 pm
    8:00 pm - 9:20 pm
    Not Available for Phone Readings
    Not Available for Phone Readings
  • Private in-person Readings!

    Individual Sitting/Reading:

    A private one on one sit down psychic mediumship  reading – Donation is $150 (approximately 1 hour) Please email for location and more info!

    Group Readings:

    Group of 6 individual private
    one on one sit down psychic medium Reading – Donation is $50 per person for 20-30 minutes each.

     Group mediumship platform style 

    from 6 to 99  people –  Donation is $45 per person. Length of event will vary base on participants but generally 2 hours.

    Group fundraisers and Events

    Also available for fundraisers and events at a special discounted price. Please email for more information!

    Additional travel expenses will apply to areas outside of Cape May County!!!
  • Bob’s Current Event Schedule!

    Ghost Walks at Historic Cold Spring Village April through October! Friday’s and Saturday’s!

    June 4th, 2021: Spirit Channeling, Pine Haven Campground, Ocean View, NJ

Payment for services are considered donations to the Church of Ravenstar : A NJ Non-Profit Corporation.



In person and group  readings will once again be available in May. Email for information and location.


Bob (Ravn)