Mediumship FAQ

Types of sittings/readings:

(Available in your home)

Individual Sitting/Reading:

A private one on one sit down psychic mediumship reading – Price is $95.  (approximately 1 hour)

Group Readings:

Group of 6  individual private one on one sit down psychic medium Readings – Price is $50 pp for 20-30 minutes each.

 Group mediumship platform style  from 6 to 99 people –  Price is $45 each. Length of event will vary base on participants but generally is 2 hours.

Group fundraisers and Events

Also available for fundraisers and events at a special discounted price. Please email for more information!

Before your appointment…

What to expect from a sitting/reading?
Bob  starts his reading with a grounding exercise. He then utilizes the energy within the room to connect with  people who’ve crossed  and Spirit guides. These  sources can bring forward information about both your past and your future. Most times  this information confirms what people already know about their loved ones, relationships, and career. The work often gives people closure when they have lost a loved one. A reading can also give you insights into other people, enabling you to better handle your personal and professional relationships. Bob specializes in both  the “Medium” side (connection those with loves ones) and on the “Psychic” side which resides more with future forecast information.
How do I prepare for a reading?
The first thing to realize is that the responsibility for a successful visit rests as much with you as with the Medium. If you are visiting for a problem then it is obvious that you will have to co-operate the same way you would with a doctor or therapist. Keep an open mind and open yourself up to whatever happens. If you hear something that doesn’t make sense to you file it way for later review. If you set up barriers of resistance during your reading due to skepticism, doubt, or negativity this may make it hard or even impossible to be read. Mediums make mistakes just like anyone does, but if you focus on what seems wrong rather than what seems right, you may miss something important. If you are looking to connect with someone who has passed away, start thinking of them a few days before your appointment. Bob often works with guides to bring loved ones forward, but just as in life, they can choose not to come or may not be available. If you are looking to contact someone in particular, it is up to that spirit to come forward for your reading, so be sure to invite them to come.


Being anxious or nervous about your upcoming reading

It’s common to be nervous or anxious about your upcoming reading. Bob is a compassionate medium.  He not only carries personal experiences of losing close loved ones, but  also has extensive experience in counseling people in these situations. His education and hands on experience of becoming a Spiritualist minister  validates his qualifications. The  information that may come forward, sometimes causes concern, but remember knowledge and awareness is power and you have the capability to change or modify your future. Even after Bob has predicted future information for you things are never set in stone.

Who does Bob  connect with to receive information?

Those  have passed away – Family, friends and loved ones who have passed often come through. Bob  describes them to the best of his ability. When the connection is made information is  given as to what the person looks like, how the person passed away, some personality traits and sometimes a shared memory. Spirits rarely greet us with their name. You may have  to play detective to find out who has joined us. The form of communication can be through clairvoyance, clairaudience  and sometimes  through symbols. If you do not immediately recognize the spirit that has come forward, please don’t dismiss it right away. Within a few days you will often realize who the person may be. Bob also contacts Spirit Guides who may assist him in bringing forward Spirits.

Know your family history!!
Knowing your family history before your reading can be of help. Its not set who can come forward. It can be parents, grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunts, great uncles and aunts etc. It’s not unusual for a client to go home, speak to their extended family and then find validation about  the reading they had.  Knowledge of your family tree can greatly improve the comprehension of your reading.  Often people are looking to speak with someone specific and other family members come in instead and  because they wanted to connect with someone specific they did not familiarize themselves with the rest of their family and thus it becomes harder to validate the information given.

Recent Deaths
If you wish to connect with someone specific who recently passed away it’s  best to wait 6 to 12 months before an appointment. The probability of connecting with someone who’s recently crossed over is not as good as when enough time has passed.

Is Bob able to  read everyone?

A Medium is somewhat  like a telephone line to the other side. They have little to no control as to who comes forward, what is said or how it is said. They are just a communication channel. With that in mind it’s not reasonable for Bob, or any other Medium, to say they can guarantee they can get  a  reading for everyone for these reasons:

A medium has little control over who comes forward. There’s as much free will on the other side as there is here and a Medium cannot force specific people to come forward.

In some cases the person who’s crossed over is half way between this plane and the next. In some cases like this the spirit is not concerned with communicating for your benefit, but rather trying to find their way to get where they need to go, or may not be  able to communicate as of yet.

The sitting  depends on  how “open” the client is.  Sometimes people wish to see a Medium, but due to personal beliefs don’t feel it’s going to work,  or have told a family member they are coming to see a Medium and that person is not happy about the appointment. This can  create a “block” often making the reading  extremely difficult.

Can you record the Sessions ?

You are more than welcome to record your session. You may also wish to bring a notepad and pen to take notes during your session.

Can a child attend a reading?

Bob asks  that you find alternative arrangements for children. Sittings must be uninterrupted and with dedicated focus, by the client and by the Medium. Additionally it’s unknown who will come forward and what information will be shared. Bob will  share that information regardless of it’s content and in some cases it may not be appropriate for a minor.

Cancellation Policy
Bob  requests  a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for cancellation or reschedules. Reschedules requested with less than 48 hours of an appointment may be rescheduled at Bob’s discretion, however, pre-payment may be required. Bob  reserves the right to not permit rescheduling or future bookings at his discretion and may do so with no shows.

Time in the spirit world does not run like that here on earth. Information that comes from spirit may contain a direction of time for events here on earth. It’s important to note that this is one of the more difficult pieces of information for a Medium to convey. Sometimes a number may come forward such as “2” in reference to time. Two can be interpreted as  days, weeks, months or years. . Please keep this in mind.

How Soon Can I Do a Re-visit? 
Typically Bob  recommends 3 months before a re-visit to ensure enough time has elapsed for growth and change to develop since your last reading. In some cases Bob will permit re-visits in less than 3 months if a client has had substantial change take place in their lives.

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Bob (Ravn)