Bob Bitting (Ravn) has spoken with over 18,000 people online and many in person as well… Here in a small example of recent online feedback:

“5 stars all the way …a most extraordinary reader. You definitely will get the answers to your questions …QUICKLY!!” -Joe

Always so accurate. Thank you. “-T

“I havent talked to Rave in a little while, but everything he has ever told me has manifested one way or another or is still evolving (which I can valdiate)e). He has been correct about various people that I ask him about (even before I ask him, which is amazing), he has hit the nail on work situations, and at one point, he even told me I would be doing something with “legal” people in my new role – and low and behold, I was recruiting attorneys at my new job. I cant leave this to simple coincidence because its too specific. ” -P

Raven is great. I been talking to him for years and always trust his predictions. He is the best. “-S

Blew me away. First time Caller and he hit the nail square on the head. He really knows what he’s doing. Very impressed!”-J

“Thank You Ravn for yesterday’s reading. It was very accurate about the women in question. Had a dream this a.m. to confirm it as well and I will definitely not do business with this person. No way no how!! The dream went into detail and it’s amazing the least people you suspect are hindering you actually are! Ironic thing is… that now I KNOW who she reminds me of and it’s a childhood friend! WOW! You’re spot on your readings and glad I called you because I would of been confused today not knowing why I’m dreaming of such things…. =) Totally recommend you to anyone looking for an accurate reader, no sugarcoating the real deal! Blessings L

Plus many, many more!

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10 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Puts up wit me and the ups and downs, remains consistant and predictions come true. I am a regular! thanks Rav for always being there! Cec

  2. Spoke with Raven tonight – he was onpoint but mostly gave me some sound advice because I was very worked up something and he validated certain things for me that I needed. He is great as always, not only as a psychic but as a guide. I don’t call anyone else.

  3. Ravn has been reading for me for many, many years. I can honestly look back on all of those years and promise you that his readings have all come to fruition. He is amazing and genuine and always makes me feel so special. I love him and appreciate him so much. He has helped me out so much.

  4. Raven for me is the true definition of “advisor”, I listen to his advice and ideas whenever I am unsure of what path to follow.He explains the surrounding energies and helps me see thru all the clouds . Thank you

  5. I had another great call with Rave. He really hits the nail on the situation and on personalities. I really appreciate talking to him as he has never steered me wrong. Thank you Rave!

  6. I had YET Another fantastic and thorough call with Rave – I always do. You can not go wrong with this gentleman. After all these years, I still say he is still the best of the best. Always professional, insightful, intuitive and detailed. His readings have manifested with me time and again. He listens to the questions and stays focused. Thank you and talk to you soon!

  7. I had my first reading with Raven star and I was taken back at how quickly he told me my whole situation and results. I cannot wait to see what happens. I was anxious when I called him and he called right when he said he would. He was so kind and reassuring and so very accurate. Thank you so much and I’m am being patient as you said waiting for the results. I was recommended to RavenStar from another raving fan…I am so thankful.

  8. I’ve been a loyal client of RavenStar’s for years. I was lead to him by a trusted, long-time friend, who also is one of his clients. His psychic abilities are accurate and his advice is sound. RavenStar’s ability to glean messages from the tarot is nothing short of amazing. You can rest assured that you will have his full attention while on the receiving end of a reading. Throughout the years, he’s guided me to a better understanding of how/why my life path has lead me to specific people. He is compassionate when you seek answers to difficult situations. Often his readings have included specific details, even timing, that have come to fruition. RavenStar is kind, professional and encouraging.

  9. I have known Rav’n, it seems like forever, he has guided me thru so many journeys,,,,good and difficult, always with extreme kindness, insight and total acceptance…My life would be a lot emptier without him..thank you

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