Church of Ravenstar

      We are a Pagan Spiritualist Church of the Anderson Faery Tradition of Witchcraft. (Feri)

Our Spiritualist services are performed at the St.Babs Foundation Church in Goshen, NJ.

We offer services to the community such as Marriages, Handfastings, Commitment ceremonies, Funeral Services, Reiki Healing, and Psychic Services. Our ministers are fully ordained and are able to perform marriage ceremonies in accordance with NJ State Law. We are a NJ Non-Profit Corporation.

Our business office is located in Cape May County

Church of Ravenstar main website

Why the name Ravenstar?

The Ravenstar is the symbol of the God Spirit that is the highest part of the Soul (Der Hoch Geist) and connects to the divine. We chose this name to reflect the connection that we must make to Divinity.

Congregations of the Church of Ravenstar:

Covenant of Rhiannon Community: The Witches of Cape May

The Covenant of Rhiannon is the oldest established Coven in the South New Jersey area.

imageEm Naad sei Freibesitzimage

Newly Established Naad’s Freibesitz is the Heathen arm of the Church of Ravenstar…It is Influenced by Urglaawe and infused with Feri metaphysics.

Heel Holle!