Raven’s Claw! Ah, Sweet controversy!


Yesterday, the day of my usual Psychic readings at St. Babs Church Goshen NJ, There was a meeting held with some of the town locals to voice their concerns regarding the Halloween event which is being held on the church grounds later this month. For the most part the people attending were willing to listen to the reasoning behind the fundraiser, and expressed their concerns in an adult manner. There were a few however who raised their voices and and used language of which the sanctuary of the church had probably never heard before. This language was disturbing to the more reasonable attendees (and indeed to me who is not usually opposed to more colorful speech).

I sat quietly and listened for the most part, hoping that the torches and pitchfork wouldn’t come out. I did have the opportunity to chat with a few of the more calm visitors. The situation was resolved to the satisfaction of most there. Hopefully the locals will now see this as a fundraiser that will benefit them and their community. Tonight I will do the second of my Historic Ghost cemetery walks and Spirit Channeling sessions, and I’m still a bit concerned that  those locals who didn’t attend the meeting will be there protesting. Nevertheless I’m going to march on and do the event as planned. I’m calling Spirits of warding and protection to bless the Church, the cemetery grounds and those attending. Beware those that have the power to raise Leviathan! Ayibobo!!!



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Ghost walks in the Historic ST. Babs cemetery will start September 7th follwed by a Spirit Channeling session in St Babs sanctuary. This will be a  a lead in to the #Tromeo ‘s Halloween Cemetery Scare! Donation are $5-10 on a sliding scale and will benefit the continued restoration of St. Babs Church and Cemetery grounds.


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All for now,

Machts gut un sei gesund!

R. Scott Bitting (Ravn)


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