Raven’s Claw! Hereford Light and Ghosts…

This past Saturday I took a tour of the Hereford Inlet light in North Wildwood, NJ. Having lived here all my life I had never been to this museum. They have done an extensive and extremely good restoration of the Lighthouse and the keepers quarters…Lots of Historic objects and Photographs of Hereford Inlets past. A nice self guided tour. When I entered the second floor bedroom I was confronted by the apparition of a man dressed in Light Keepers attire. The room became cold and less inviting. I had the impression that whoever this man was, he dodn’t want me in there. There was also the impression of a woman in the room. She was rather subdued and was hiding in the corner.

When I ended the tour, I asked the volunteers if there had ever been ghosts reported in the light. I was told in no uncertain terms that there had never been ghost in the building and there was none now. I beg to differ with those volunteers…There are Spirits in that old place, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!!!

I will be doing in-person Psychic/Medium readings at St. Bab’s foundation Church in Goshen, NJ, on Wednesdays starting in a few weeks. Hours will be determined soon, but most likely will be from 7PM onward. Readings will be first come first served! Donations from the readings will go to support the Church of Ravenstar and ST. Babs foundation

Additionally I will be doing medium-ship and psychic awareness classes Starting in September. More information on the classes will be forthcoming! We will also be doing Ghost Tours of the cemetery and church soon, and stay tuned for information on the great Halloween events at the Church grounds!!!


Our Psychics are available on a daily basis for phone readings.

I am taking a short hiatus from in-person readings due to a personal issue . Private in-person readings will be conducted on Wednesdays at St. Bab’s Foundation Church

321 North Delsea Drive

Goshen, NJ.

Phone 609-849-8405 or email  ravn@raven-star.org for more information!

All for now,

Machts gut un sei gesund!

R. Scott Bitting (Ravn)



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