Raven’s Claw! 6/30/16


Ive been a bit remiss at posting updates this week, mostly due to time constraints, but I hope to rectify that. Gorgeous weather here in Cape May…beautiful sunshine and not to high humidity. I’m preparing now for the Holiday weekend, throngs of tourists are expected due to the good weather predicted, so I’m trying to get all of my driving/errands completed before Friday.

My Spirits are once again warning of more devastation. I’m seeing a large crowd of people and lots of confusion and damage. The scene shifts to another group of people and more damage. I’m feeling that there could be multiple tragic events in the next week or so. Hopefully I’m wrong. I’m getting the impression of France and China, and some events in the US as well. Now I get the image of London. I’m also getting the images of a great darkness over Brazil, World events all in a short period of time. I get the impression of an assassination attempt of a public figure. Horrid images!


The Ghost walks should commence at Historic Cold Spring Village in July, I’m waiting for confirmation. I will also be doing another Spirited Tea in October.

I will be available for phone readings this evening. I should note though that I will be taking Saturday and Sunday off this week for some planned festivities.

Machts Gut!





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