Raven’s Claw! 6/16/16


Heavy rain on and off today in Cape May, cool temperatures as well. but the rain is needed.

The Spirits are warning of another major event to come, this time it feels more west coast, but I’m getting impressions of more than one event, so there could be another elsewhere. I’m exhausted from all of this…I’m tired of politics and tired of the media. The recent events in Orlando affected me in a very cathartic way. I feel the urge to pull back and retreat into my own safe world, but I’m not so sure that world is safe anymore. I’m sick of politicians pandering to grief for votes and then turning their backs on the same people they pander to. ..I’m done.

In more mundane matters:

There was an error on the Google business listing for Ravenstar Psychic Services that showed the business as permanently closed, this has been repaired. Ravenstar Psychic Services was never closed.


The Ghost walks at Historic Cold Spring Village will commence in July and I will be conducting the Thursday evening walk. I will also tentatively be doing another Spirited Tea event in October at the Village…more info forthcoming.

I will be available for phone readings this evening and perhaps this afternoon.

Machts Gut!



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