Raven’s Claw! 6/17/16


Cloudy again, and a bit of rain, but the weather is slowly switching into a summer pattern.

Spirits are warning of some major events on the solstice… astrologically there are some portents as well…energies become very revealing and the veils that are currently covering up machinations are being lifted. This will  be a confusing time for many and may lead to events that are disheartening. Spirits say that there will be an event on the west coast, but also something on the east coast and in the heartland. Though they are not hinting at a time-frame, it seems likely that these events will be on or near the solstice. Be vigilant!!!

In mundane matters:


I will be doing another mediumistic event at Historic Cold Spring Village in October…Spirited Tea, again held at the Dennisville Inn, more info will be forthcoming as we get nearer the event. Ghost walks will be commencing in July and I will be conducting the Thursday evening walks.

I will be available this evening for phone readings.

Machts Gut!




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