Raven’s Claw! 6/13/16


Sadness is all I can say. The brutality that happened over the weekend in Orlando leaves me without words…this hit home. I very rarely ever post my personal opinions on the political front, however I must state that it has been too long for these Terrorists to get their way in this country, I am angry, more angry than I have been in ages. I am also disappointed that our government, whose main purpose is to protect the American people, has failed once again. When will we finally realize that this radical scum must be eliminated. Our way of life and our security is at deadly risk. My thoughts say that although Love can heal much, it isn’t Love that will protect us,… not now.

The Spirits say that  this is not the end of these tragedies, that there are others coming and fairly soon. They say that all four corners of the world are where to look. They are ramped up and very active. they warn of global changes both politically and environmentally. The Old Spirits of the North are coming. They are angry, and they will help.

In mundane matters:

I will be available for phone readings this evening.

Machts gut un hawwe Mut!




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