Raven’s Claw!


I’m not going to mention how gloomy the weather is in Cape May today…I should just cut and paste what I wrote yesterday….the weather is stagnant with little change forthcoming until the weekend.

Spirits are at an all time high, ramping up their activity…warning of many changes both in the physical world and on Spiritual levels. Change is coming and it’s coming soon. Take note that some of the more ancient Spirits are returning and that they are ushering in the changes to come. Those that came with the diaspora are now coming into their own and taking back areas that they have long ago forsaken. This is a time of fear and trembling, but also a time of great renewal and hope! Pay attention to the messages that are coming to you in subtle ways. The earthquake foretelling is still coming through as well as changes to our coasts. I’m also receiving messages regarding a major upheaval in Western Europe, perhaps Germany and France.

We shall see!

In mundane matters:

I am working almost daily on hexes (Scheier Schtanne) that I will be offering soon on the website…They are complete painted spells that can work to bring desired results…not “chust for nice”, the magic is in them! Stay tuned for more information!

All for now,

Machts Gut!




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