Raven’s Claw!


Gloomy Still here in Cape May. The rain and clouds have been relentless for the last week, and it’s looking like they will continue until the weekend.

Spirits are calling for yet another series of earthquakes across the globe. They are indicating earth tremors here in the US as well, The say “look to they west” My thoughts are that there will be earth disturbances in California, Washington or Oregon. Also there will be coastal disturbances, perhaps a Tsunami or flood. I’m unsure of the damages from these events if they occur..hopefully little to none. We shall see. I’m also receiving the impression of something major happening in Germany, but not a natural disaster, more of something political in nature.

In mundane matters.’

I have been busy working on some art projects. Designing and painting Hexes. I will post images of them as they are completed.

Machts Gut!




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