Raven’s Claw! 4/15/16


Bright and sunny once again here in Cape May…Perfect Spring weather, and it’s looking like it’s going to hold fast.

I have been receiving messages from Spirit regarding some kind of major event globally, and now the messages are also saying that there is something environmental portended. I’m unsure of how to relate to these messages…In one instance they are relaying information that there will be certain events of a political nature that will cause chaos, and now portents of Earthquakes and Earth shifts, I suppose we shall see,

I am receiving the impressions of a young woman who, though seemingly in good health succumbed to a rather aggressive form of cancer. This was just after she had given birth to twins. She stays around the children still, watches them grow and tries to protect them. I get the names Mellissa and Tony. The number 123 comes through as well.

In mundane matters;
I will be available for phone readings later today and tonight.

Machts Gut!




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