Raven’s Claw! 4/8/16


Sunny and bright here in Cape May this morning, but rain is once again on it’s way, a possibility of a Spring snow as well, but we shouldn’t get that as the Ocean water is fairly warm…

The Spirits are a bit calmer today then they were yesterday, but I know that the thing I’m dreading is coming soon. I’m getting images that are Gnostic in nature. Beekeepers, Sophia, Ialdaboath, and dust devils. My feeling is that these images are related to a global event about to happen. I’m not a Gnostic per se, but there are certain Gnostic overtones to my own private Spirituality. I worry most about the images of the dust devils. I’m concerned that these dust devils have pulled the wool over the eyes of many and that is what is influencing Global affairs. With hope, the emissaries of She who floats over the waters will make this right.

In more mundane matters:

I will be available this evening for Phone readings. There was a certain amount of internet lag last night which delayed some of the approvals for payment by a few minutes. if you top-up you account and don’t see it credited immediately, be patient, top ups rarely take longer than 5 minutes and even that long is unusual. Suffice it to say that all top ups are credited through our safe and secure Paypal system.

All for now,

Machts Gut!



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