Raven’s Claw! 3/30/16


A nice sunny day here in Cape May, albeit a bit colder than it has been. More spring-like I suppose temperature wise.

Spirits are once again ramping up and portending something big on the horizon. I’,m not getting the message “look to the north” but yet I know that they are warning of something. I’m starting to think that this may be the dissolution of the world as we know it now…can the Getterdammering be at hand? I suppose we shall see! Although frankly I don’t want to be the conveyor of gloom and doom…I’m fairly concerned. Is it time to pull away from the world again?

I had a revelation when it comes to the early dreams I had as a youth. I would often in dream state and in waking life see a rock in the sky that had a great eye in the center. it has taken some 50+ years to finally get the meaning, or a possible meaning. I’m believing that this rock was all the time the eye of Wotan calling to me. The messages that the eye had for me are becoming clearer all the time. Does “look to the North mean” look to the ancient Spirits of the Allemanni? Perhaps. Perhaps also it’s time to make good on the promise to myself to really engage “Em Naad sei Freibesitz” I’m thinking so. Look for updates soon!


In mundane matters:

I will be available for phone readings later today and tonight. There are still issues with the help function on the member pages. If you use the function I will not get the notification, you must email me at my regular address to get help. This issue in no way affects the calling process. and since the system so far has been stable, I’ve only had a few instances where the help function was needed. Hopefully I will have a resolution to this issue soon. Please be aware that the calling process is completely secure and your payments are safe!

All for now,

Machts Gut!




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