Raven’s Claw! 3/29/16


Spring is here in Cape May! The lesser celandine is blooming and most of the perennials are at least three weeks ahead of schedule!

I’m running a bit behind today, had an eye doctor appointment and those damn dilating drops have made it difficult to see..

Spirits are calming down a bit, but they still say that there is something big happening. I am getting the impression of a young bot who had a terrible and debilitating disease, I see him in a sick bed, hooked up to an IV drip and suffering quietly. He passed shortly after and was attended by his twin that passed at birth. The boy visits his home occasionally, and seems to have an affinity for one of his stuffed animals…a horse or pony I think. His mother is still inconsolable.

In mundane matters:

I will be available this evening for phone readings.

I’m still having issues with the help function on the new system, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Machts Gut!


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