Spirit Voices! 2/3/16


Today I’m receiving the impressions of a woman who is tall and thin, with dark hair and a sallow complexion. she is bending over a counter in her kitchen, rolling out pie dough. She seems to be waiting for her family to arrive…She was in life a homemaker, but also did some book keeping as a side business. She passed from an internal problem, something in her lower torso, perhaps cancer, but I’m not completely sure. She seems to be in an endless loop of rolling out this pie dough and waiting. I see her in the house in which she died. My impression is that her family sold the house and the family that lives there now can smell her perfume…lilacs I believe.

In mundane matters:

I have availability for phone readings this evening on my private line. I will shortly be going to a different system for my private line readings which will open the path to the new project I’ve been promising for the last month. stay tuned!

Machts Gut!

R. Scott

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