Spirit Voices! 2/4/16


Today I’m receiving the image of a younger woman, probably in her early 20’s…she is walking on the beach with her husband and a there is a child with her. I see her happy and contented…the image shifts to the same woman, this time in a hospital bed…she is suffering from the effects of misdiagnosed breast cancer…she hasn’t much longer to live. I see her Spirit family gathered around her….the image shifts again to a funeral setting and her husband carried the child to the casket to view her body…she is there in Spirit as well. She comes frequently to their home to check on the child…I get the name Laura and I feel that shes reluctant to move on completely because of her love for her family.

In mundane matters:

I’ve launched the first phase of the new project…a new connection platform for phone readings, so far it’s been successful…a few more tweaks and I’ll be moving on to the next phase, which will be more advisers on the site…that may yet be a few weeks to a month off….stay tuned in!

Machts Gut!

R. Scott


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