Spirit Voices! 10/19/15


Cold has really moved into the area last night! was in the upper 20’s when I woke up this morning…certainly colder than I thought it would be…a warm-up is in store though for the remainder of the week, so we’ll be able to start working earnestly on our Hallowe’en display!

I will hopefully once again be able to use the new appointment system on the make an appointment page after this evening… tech support has helped in getting the system to work properly, but I want to test it instead of making it live again prematurely.

I still have a day or so for group reading in October, but there are not many spots left…

Big things will be happening in the late Spring….I working on some added in-person events that will prove to be interesting! Stay tuned!

Don’t forget, our final Ghost Walks for the season will be this Friday and Saturday at Historic Cold Spring Village.…I’ll be doing the Friday evening walk at 7PM….hope to see you all there!

Machs Gut!

R. Scott