Spirit Voices! 10/18/15


Yesterday we spent a great deal of time working on our Hallowe’en display for the front yard….we’re not putting it up until the last minute…it’ll be a complete surprise this year!!! I’m not giving any clues, but suffice it to say…Es waer arrig spass sei!

My first ghost walk at Historic Cold Spring Village went fabulously!!! I had a great time and I’m sure that the people attending did as well! One of the attendees Robin sent me a pic of the window of Cox Hall Cottage, circa 1691… There seems to be something showing…is it a Spirit manifestation or just reflections of light? I’ll let it up to you to decide.


My next and final ghost walk will be next Friday at 7 pm…reservations are highly recommended…I’m most likely going to do many more ghost walks next season, so keep reading here for details.

Ive still not been able to get the new appointment booking system working for our phone readings, so in the meantime, I’ve reinstalled the old system…all times are shown in Eastern time, so bear that in mind when you book.

There may be a few group readings yet available in October, but times running short!

Machs Gut!

R. Scott