Spirit Voices! 10/16/15

The colder weather is finally hitting us here…not so bad yet, but there is an autumn feeling in the air…perfect for the Ghost Walk tonight! This will be my first time conducting the walk…It should be a lot of fun. The Village is particularly spooky at night anyway, and the cooler temps will give a “Hallowe’en” feeling to the tour. If you are interested in attending my tour (tonight and next Friday) please make reservations info is at the Historic Cold Spring Village website. Proceeds from the tour help fund the Village.

In other news, the new appointment system I added to the website still isn’t working correctly…I added back the old system until I can get the newer one fixed…bear in mind in the old appointment system, all times are in Eastern time. If you’d like to book a phone reading with me, please go to the appointment page.

I still have group reading spots available as well.

Machts Gut!