Spirit Voices! 10/14/15


The dead are coming!

The Spirits of the dearly departed ancestors are here, heeding our thoughts deeds and words…as we approach Hallowe’en/Samhain/Allelieweziel the veil between the worlds grows thinner! Pay attention to details around you…change appearing out of nowhere, feather found…noises in the dark…strange electrical outages, flickering lights…all of these can mean that the departed are trying to connect. Don’t have fear, try to understand what they are attempting to say to you. There may be massages that can give you hope of the afterlife!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve added a new appointment booking system to the website…for phone readings only at this point. There are a couple of issues that have yet to be worked out with the system, so if you are having any trouble booking a reading, just email and I can get your appointment for you.

I still do have some group reading dates available for October, so book as soon as you can.

Ghost Walk at Historic Cold Spring Village, this Friday and Saturday !!! Reservation are suggested!

R Scott