Spirit Voices! 10/13/15


Another great looking start up to the day here in Cape May…colder weather is forthcoming though, and the sun is setting at a later hour each evening. I’m not quite ready for the winter, but it is what it is…

I updated the appointment system on our “Make an Appointment” page…I believe the new system is a bit more user friendly than the older one, it also allows for more time slots, hence I’ve added additional opportunities for phone readings. It also incorporates a seamless transition to PayPal, and as long as it works as well as I think it should, everything will be much easier. I do have slots available for phone readings, but the group readings are starting to fill up, so book yours as soon as possible!The weather is still looking great for the Ghost Walk on Friday at Historic Cold Spring Village, hopefully there won’t be rain as I don’t want another of my walks cancelled due to inclement weather. If you’re interested in attending the ghost walks, either by me or another of the guides…reservations are highly recommended!

R. Scott