Spirit Voices! 10/12/15


The weekend was rather filled with mundane things, but I did have the opportunity to preview  the Friday ghost walk conducted my Matt Vendetta…he did a wonderful job and the participants really enjoyed it…my first walk will be this coming Friday at 7pm. Reservations are recommended. You can reserve your spot by calling Historic Cold Spring Village.

We started trimming the ash tree on the side of the house…trying to get the tree into shape…ash trees are sacred to Wotan as well as representing the world tree…we have a wishing well under the ash tree which represents Frau Holle…so it’s a rather sacred spot..Spiritual things aside, ash wood is extremely hard, so it’s a difficult process.

I’m slowly getting booked up for group readings, so if you are in need reserve as soon as you can! I do have slots available for phone readings in the evening though.