Spirit Voices! 10/7/15





It’s Hallowe’en season!!!

My favorite time of years…I’m currently working on a hallowe’en display for the front yard/porch, that I hope to rival last years…I’m going to try to incorporate some video effects as well….we shall see how that goes.

I went out earlier to try to purchase some ready-made decorations, but they are few and far between…who knew that Hallowe’en would be so soon pushed aside for Christmas? I guess next year I should start my hallowe’en shopping sometime in July.

The Spirits are very active once again, and I have been receiving messages on an hourly basis. I do have some group reading opening for the remainder of October, and certainly for November, so book as soon as you can! I will be doing some ghost walks at Historic Cold Spring Village…well really only two, the 16th and the 23rd…others will be doing the rest of the Fridays and Saturdays. I hope to see you on one of my tours….the other guides are very good though, so if you can’t make it to mine, please try theirs.

I’ m also available for phone readings on my private line evenings with the exception of Saturdays. You can book them through the appointment page on the website.

R. Scott