Spirit Voices! 10/5/15


It was a long, long, weekend…amid frequent power outages, and high winds, the Jersey Cape fared much better than other places on the east coast.  I was able to do some phone readings, but the outages put a damper on that.  My first ghost walk was of course cancelled…I’m a bit disappointed, but you can’t fight Mother Nature!

That Spirits are all around today and they seem to be a lot less anxious then they were a few days ago, a bit calmer and less intense. My feeling is that they will intensify in a day or two and by the weekend the activity will be in full force again.  We shall see.

I am still taking bookings for group readings throughout the month of October, so if you haven’t reserved one, do so soon as possible….of course there are spots available for November as well.

R. Scott