Spirit Voices! 9/29/15


Headed out this morning to run some errands and I stopped by the Cold Spring cemetery to snap a couple of pics of a few of the graves that pertain to the ghost walks that we will be doing in October. I wanted one of the Sarah Spicer grave, because the Spicers  feature prominently in both the Village and as a connection to Elizabeth Garlick, an acquitted witch from east Hampton, who later moved to Cape May and whose descendants married into the Spicer/Leaming  family.

There was quite a bit of Spirit activity at the cemetery and I received images and messages from the Spicers….particularly from Colonel Jacob Spicer (Sarah Spicers husband) , who has a gravestone in the cemetery, but whose body actually rests underneath Ferry Road/sandman blvd… He and his second wife were buried in the Eldridge family plot about a quarter mile down the road, at the home of his stepson. When ferry road was built, it ran right through the plot and the graves were not moved. I believe that Colonel Spicer was not very happy about this. ..I wonder if some of the activity at the Spicer Leaming house in Historic Cold Spring Village has something to due with the unhappy desecration of his final resting place?

R. Scott

Reservations are now available for the Ghost walks at Historic Cold Spring Village, Friday’s and Saturdays in October….info is available at hcsv.org