Spirit Voices! 9/28/15


I spent yesterday in the Dennisville Inn at Historic Cold Spring Village, which is one of the more Spiritually active buildings on site. I was reenacting the role of a 19th century innkeeper, something that I’ve done numerous times in the past. So I had the opportunity to spend the day accompanied by the Spirits of the innkeepers assistant whom we call “Karl”….a few of the visitors to the Inn (We had over 1500 yesterday) felt the presence of Karl and a few of the other Spirits in residence, including Molly the Irish maid that still dwells on the upper floors, and once in a while makes her way down to the dining room of the inn. A few of the women were visibly spooked as Karl’s ghost touched them or tugged on their hair, trying to usher them out of the tavern room (women were not allowed in that part of the building during Karl’s lifetime ).

I also encountered the Spirits of the walking ladies, dressed in late Victorian garb and headed down the path toward the Corson Hand house, repeating the walk to nowhere that they have done ever since my association with the village began in the late 90’s.

I suppose the Spirits were manifesting in anticipation of the Ghost walks that will be happening Friday’s and Saturdays at the village during the month of October. I’ll be conducting the Friday walks…I’m  hoping that during those walks the Spirits will visually manifest, as there is and has been an extrodinary amount of psychic energy at the Village.

R. Scott

For more information on the ghost walks and Historic Cold Spring Village, please visit hcsv.org