Spirit Voices! 9/24/15


Today I’m receiving the impressions of a young man…late teens or early twenties, with long dark hair and a few tattoos….he was a victim of a motorcycle accident, but that was not the cause of death….he was partially disabled by the accident and went of to become addicted to painkillers, and finally to heroin, which lead to and overdose. He wasn’t quite ready to leave his body at the time, and wanders around his living space, and also tries to communicate with his family and friends. I get the word “Rosemont” and the name “Jack”.  He affects electrical appliances in his house, trying to make contact. He seems trapped as if I a dreams state. He’s afraid to love on as he left something unsaid to his father…there is a feeling of guilt around him.

If this makes any sense to you, please Contact me.


I still don’t have confirmed dates for the ghost walks at Historic Cold Spring Village, but should have them soon!