Spirit Voices! 9/21/15


Today I’m receiving impressions from the spirit of an old woman…she is very thin with white hair and seems to be in her 90’s. She is lonely as she passed with no family, and very few friends…she was reclusive in her later years, although when young, she was a dancer and acted on stage. I have the feeling that her heyday was in the 1920’s. In the early thirties she was victim of a botched abortion, and shortly after she began her decline into reclusiveness. She was of means early on, but her fortune dwindled until she passed from hunger, self neglect and poor health care…too prideful to ask for assistance. I get the name “Carnegie” and “Beekman” but I’m unsure of whether this related to her early career.

If any of this means anything to you, please contact me.

R. Scott

I will be conducting ghost walks at Historic Cold Spring Village on various dates in October…more info will be forthcoming!