Spirit Voices! 9/18/15


Today I’m receiving the image of a woman, very young with long, straight, blonde hair…she is at play with two very young children, a boy and a girl. They are at the beach and she tosses them a beach ball. She passed away due to an accident at her work place..an office…I see electrical Sparks and the feeling of electrocution. An unexpected accident..faulty wiring. She seems only in her early 30’s. I get the name “Amanda”. She watches over her children that are now much older. Butterfly’s appear when she’s near them. She is concerned that the boy is on the wrong path and seems agitated about it. Her husband has remarried. I get the word “Tonka” …. And the place name “Keesport”.

If this means anything to you, please contact me.


just a reminder, I will be at the Gilded Festival at Historic Cold Spring Village
tomorrow and Sunday, in the Dennisville Inn…hope to see you there!