Spirit Voices! 9/17/15


Today I’m receiving the impression from a man in his 60’s…he seems to have passed from some type of cancer that was left untreated, because he was too stubborn to see a doctor. I get the name “James” and the name “Elizabeth”. He was an avid recreational fisherman, and a man’s man, hence the reluctance to consult a doctor. He left behind 5 sons…and a bounty of debt. He is unwilling to pass on as he left his family in such a state. I get the place name “Marshallville” and something about the word “beaver” maybe beaver dam. It seems he spends a lot of time trying to attract his family’s attention. He leaves change and makes strange noises in the house. I get the impression of a springer spaniel as well.

if any of this makes any sense,please contact me.

R. Scott

Just a reminder that I will be at Historic Cold Spring Village on the 19th and 20th for the Gilded Festival…I will be in the Dennisville Inn.