Spirit Voices! 8/27/15


Today I have the impression of an elderly couple who passed within one day of each other. They had just returned from a vacation in the Caribbean, when the man was stricken with a heart attack…he died almost immediately, and the wife followed soon after…I have the feeling that she passed from a stroke. They were fated to be together…they had been together since they were very, very young, and possibly in many other lifetimes. There is the name “Ruth” …I get a connection to Philadelphia…somewhere in the Northeast, perhaps Mayfair. There are children and grandchildren, who are still in shock over their deaths. I feel that they had traveled extensively, Throughout Europe and the United States. I get the image of an anchor…possibly relating to travel by ship.  I also get the image of a collie and a beagle.

If any of this makes sense to anyone, please contact me….R.Scott