Spirit Voices! 8/28/15


Today I’m receiving the impressions of a woman from Philadelphia. The name “Stella” comes through and I get “Christian Street”. She is of Italian extraction. I get fleeting images of her as both heavy-set and then painfully thin, as if an illness took her vitality. I’m receiving the name “Joe” or “Joseph” associated with her and I see her making some type of holiday cookies or desserts. She passed in her house and has never left. The house is no longer owned by her family, and she seems confused. I feel as if she is very protective of a child now living in her home…she seems to relate to the child as if it was her own child. The family in the house isn’t aware of her presence, but the child is.

Her own family does however live not far from the house. She occasionally visits them as well, and leaves symbols of her visit in the form of coins and feathers. During life she was active in some type of Catholic charity…

if any of this means anything to anyone, please contact me.