Spirit Voices 8/26/15


Today I have the Spirit of a woman, in her early 40’s….she was a free spirit In life. She was one who moved to the beat of a different drum. I get the impression that she passed due to some type of cancer that was fast spreading…she really didn’t have the time or the inclination to get her affairs in order before she died. She left behind a daughter, whom she loved well, but because of her free spirited ways, didn’t often do the things for her daughter that should have been done, at least from her perspective. The daughter grew up fine though.

I get the name “Julia” …I’m not sure whether that is her name or her daughters. She seems to have enjoyed yoga. I get the impression that she led a macrobiotic lifestyle, and it was a complete sunrise that she developed cancer.

I do feel that at one point she visited England and loved London.

If she had any regrets, it would be that she didn’t think that she was always there for her daughter.

If this makes any sense to anyone, please contact me…R.Scott