It’s been forever…..

Since I’ve posted anything on this blog.

This has been a year of hell. COVID-19 has transformed the way I present my readings. I went from numerous public and private events to only being able to do phone readings, out of consideration to my clients and indeed to myself. I’m not sure when this will change  although Spirit is extremely positive that things will get much better this year! Hopefully the virus will be mostly defeated soon and I’ll be able to begin group and private events once more.

The Church of Ravenstar has been helping numerous people this year,  providing them housing and food. Thanks to your wonderful donations we will be able to continue to help those without means to help themselves. It hasn’t always been easy, and sometimes it’s extremely stressful, but we are doing what we can.

I will soon have a list of tentative events for the summer/fall season. Included will be the Ghost Walks and Mediumship events at Historic Cold Spring Village

of course theses events will entirely depend on the COVID situation.

For those of you wishing private in person readings, please bear with us! Hopefully they will resume soon!

All for now, Bob

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