Raven’s Claw! A month of refection…

This has been a month of reflection for me.  There have been many people who have pronounced certain “truths” that have left me with a determination to continue on my own path regardless of how others feel, or to retreat and once again be reclusive. I have been accused verbally and online of being something that I am not. I have been lambasted by the people of the book (and people who are of my own nature) numerous times, to the point that I had begun to hide my nature and acquiesce to their demands. That I will not do!

Truths are relative…Your truth may not be my truth. Your reality may not be the same as mine. I’m not asking anyone to join my reality, nor do I proselytize . What I do is aid and assist people in finding closure for themselves. I am happy doing this, and yes I do ask for donations in order to do so. In my reality there must be an energy exchange in order to provide accuracy…I will not defend this.

For 17 years I went under the mound so to speak and rarely if ever engaged locally. My inclination lately  has been to  go back under, and I may yet do this. To those of you whom I have helped…Thank you…To those of you who decried me,  my faith, and my methods, I will no longer acknowledge you…Live in your own “truth”, but do not deem to assault mine…ever!

I will also be conducting Ghost walks on Saturday nights throughout October at Historic Cold Spring Village

This 1 hour event commences at 7PM!






Private in-person readings are conducted on Wednesdays  at

St. Bab’s Foundation Church. 

321 N Delsea dr.

Goshen, NJ

Walk-ins Welcome!

Click here to Make an appointment at ST. Babs!

Gift Certificates are avaliable!!!

SPECIAL 15 MINUTE SESSION $ 20 (available at St.Babs only!)

Private readings are $75 per session.Group readings  are also available. Party of 6 $200 (average 20 minutes session pp), party of 8 $250. Please contact me for information on Parties of more than 8 people. Prices subject to change for traveling distance, length of session and Holidays. Discounts still available for repeat clients.

For information and to book a private reading with R. Scott Please call:

 609-849-8405 or Email : ravn@raven-star.org


I’m also available  for phone readings:


All for now,

Machts gut un sei gesund!

R. Scott Bitting (Ravn)



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