Raven’s Claw! Spirit meddling…well meaning?



In the past year I have often written about well-meaning folks using magic without divining far enough into the future to see the many possibilities to their magical act. I have written that these acts often can produce energy manifestation that take on a life of their own and wreak havoc in the world. This past week I have seen more of this then I have ever seen in my lifetime. People taking their anger out in a magical way without any sort of divination whatsoever. This is happening not only with the people new to the magical community, but also with those who should know better. False pride and Ego are ruling their magic. As a result of this there is scattered magical energy running rampant and causing a great deal of trouble. I have already seen much of this magic not work for the goals that were desired, but working against these so called practitioners, and indeed against others who were not part of the magical acts. Get out of your egos people…Look as far into the future as you can before attempting these works. Don’t evoke those things which you are incapable of understanding or controlling. Take a time out and relax!



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All for now,

Machts gut un sei gesund!

R. Scott Bitting (Ravn)




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