Raven’s Claw! The hunt for Spirit!

Gravestone of Memucan Hughes Sea captain
Spicer family plot..Sarah Spicer, Col. Jacob Spicer, Jacob Spicer esq.

I have looked for connections to Spirits of place, and went yesterday to the Historic Red Brick church here in Cape May to find some images of the graves of people who founded the area.

This cemetery is the oldest in the area, with the oldest grave being that of Sarah Spicer, who passed in 1742. I wandered around the oldest part of the graveyard, and captured some images of the headstones. This fits in with the Ghost walks that I do at the adjacent Historic Cold Spring Village  as many of the Spirits whose bodies lie in the Red Brick, also seem to haunt the Village.

The Spicer Leaming house, circa 1800 Built by Spicer Leaming the grandson of Jacob Spicer.

It’s always interesting to connect the past with the present and give some concrete reality to those Spirits that we encounter on the Ghost Walk. I often contact the Spirits of the long dead Spicer family at the village.





The Village was particularly active last night with Orbs being photographed around buildings that previously had little of no activity. This was the case with the Heisslerville house.

I’m hoping that the image with the orbs will be emailed to me if so I will post them here.

imageSpirits have been extremely active…They are once again warning of troubles in Europe as well as more to come in the US. I get Germany once again and France…Something in Sweden as well. In the US they are focusing on the Southeast. There will also be more earth movements in California and in another unexpected place. There will be changes to the political climate as well….The Spirit of deceit that is a part of the egrigore is wreaking havoc in those areas.


I will be available for phone readings this evening after 7:30PM Eastern…

Machts Gut un Sei gesund!





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