Raven’s Claw! New Advisors and updates!


A Mix of sun and clouds here in Cape May, very warm and humid as well.

Today the Spirits are not as active as they have been in the past few weeks, but they continue to imply warnings about the current state of world events. “Watch to the East” they say, and also some uprisings in the US. Another event in Germany and one in France. Something in Italy as well. I’m getting more impressions of Earth movements in Southern California. I also get the word “Fargo” .


I will be doing two ghost walks this week at Historic Cold Spring Village. This 45 minute walking tour highlights the paranormal “visitors” and activities experienced by Village staff and guest over the years.
Starts at 8pm. Tickets are $15.
Tours begin at the Route 9 Gatehouse.
Please call (609) 898-2300 for more info!
Ghost Walks take place every Tuesday and Thursday in July and August. reservations are recommended!



dan miller

Silver Owl

We have added new advisors to the website…Orion and Silver Owl and we will be adding more as the week continues. Please give them a try as they are extremely gifted!

I will be available this evening for phone readings as well.

Machts Gut un Sei Gesund!



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