Raven’s Claw! 6/21/16


Thunderstorms in Cape May this morning, which brought some needed rain. It will be a steambath today I think as the humidity is high. All good though…Summer is here!

Spirits are talking about some Earthquakes that will occur in California soon…I don’t know the magnitude, but they could be severe. I’m also getting the impression of unsettled weather, this time across Europe, The weather will coincide with political upheaval, perhaps in the wake of the Brexit vote on Thursday. Spirits are saying that there will also be another series of tragedies  coming soon. They seem to be indicating four different areas, three in the US and one in Europe. Hopefully this is just a warning of what “may be”.  I have been getting images of an air disaster but am unsure if this is one of the events, On the more peaceful side of things, Spirit is saying that there will be a major medical breakthrough in the Fall of the year, which will help many people and lead to another breakthrough soon after.


In more mundane matters:

I will be available for phone readings this evening, Yesterday I added a FREE Runic Reading to the website, which can give you a general impression of the  energies surrounding your situation. It’s not meant to be the be all end all of readings, but it can help to define the issues you may be going through. If you need clarity on these issues, please arrange for a phone reading.


Don’t forget that the Ghost Walks will start soon at Historic Cold Spring Village,I will be conducting the Thursday evening walk. the walks will continue weekly until October. I will also be doing another Spirited Tea event in October, and The Village will be having a Paranormal Weekend in August.

Paranormal Pursuits Aug 20 , 2016 – Aug 21 , 2016
Experience all things unexplained! Enjoy ghostly tales, presentations by paranormal investigators, a phrenology experience, ghost tours and much more!

All for now,

Machts Gut!






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