Raven’s Claw! 6/2/16

Energy Hex
To bring high energy and harmony.

I’ve completed some prototypes of Hex Signs that I’ll be offering soon. They will be for various purposes, both weather related and for personal development. Those shown here are just a few of the coming designs.

In Spirit Matters:

I had multiple messages from Spirit once again mentioning changes on a global scale….the flooding will continue in Texas and there will be flooding and earthquakes on the west coast. Look for an active weather pattern on the east coast as well. I see more upheaval in Europe, mostly political, but there will also be activity in Asia. Something will soon happen to the Global financial systems.

In Mundane matters:

I have private readings this evening so I may not be available for phone readings.


The Ghost walks will begin at Historic Cold Spring Village on the month of July and will run throughout October. I will be conducting the Thursday evening walks. Reservations are highly suggested…Information on pricing will be posted the closer we get to the events. Additionally there will be a Ghost hunting event on June 11th, with Morningstar Paranormal.  Additionally in August will be Paranormal Pursuits Aug 20 , 2016 – Aug 21 , 2016
Experience all things unexplained! Enjoy ghostly tales, presentations by paranormal investigators, a phrenology experience, ghost tours and much more!

All for now!

Machts Gut!




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