Raven’s Claw!


Breezy, but much warmer here in Cape May, not quite the warmth that I’d like, but that’s coming next week…hopefully!

imageOn Saturday last, I did an event at Historic Cold Spring Village…Spirited Tea in the Dennisville Inn, where I communicated with various Spirits for the patrons of the event. It was a success! imageThe venue was sold out and I was able to communicate with various Spirits, both from on-site and those that wished to communicate with the attendees. I must add that the Cold Spring Village site has a great deal of Spirit activity and in addition to me as a medium, there were other inituitives  in the audience, hence it was like a beacon calling many Spirits from throughout the Village.

image The food and the Teas served were delicious and Clare Juechter and the Village staff did an wonderful job hosting the event.  I will possibly be =doing another of these teas at the Village later in the season…stay tuned for info as it becomes available.


I will also be doing Ghost tours in the Village starting on Thursdays in august.

In mundane matters:

I will be available for phone readings later this evening.

Machts Gut!



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