Raven’s Claw! 3/23/16


Well the world certainly seems to be falling apart quickly…I’m frankly disgusted with the bombings in Brussels, as well as the other tragedies that have happened over the last 20 years. The Spirit world has been warning of these events and they are warning of something else yet to happen. I was getting the message “look to the east” and now it has shifted to look to the north”. I’m still uncertain that the message related to Brussels, but I’m getting changing messages now, which may confirm that. We shall see!

I’ve not been getting the normal messages from Spirit lately, hence no ” Spirit Voices” posts in the last week or so, I suppose it’s because the Spirit world is in flux. Hopefully those messages will find a way through the flux soon.

In more mundane matters:

I will be available for phone readings late this afternoon and then again tonight after 7:30 eastern.

Machts Gut!


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