Raven’s Claw! 3/17/16


Heit iss dem Sankte Patrick sei Daag! The day doesn’t mean that much to me, but if you are of Irish Ancestry this is your day!

Bright and sunny today here in Cape May, and still warm, but they are once again calling for a Nor’easter this weekend which is predicted to bring a round of snow to the area…I am of course hoping for rain, The spring flowers are just starting to bloom and I’m ready to start the planting for the season.

I will be available later today and tonight for phone readings. I know I haven’t posted any Spirit Voices in a while, but it’s because the Spirit world is once again in flux. I’m getting messages regarding something big happening on the Global scale and it seems that these messages are taking priority over the others…”look to the east” they say…who knows….I’ll try to get more mundane Spirit messages soon!

Machts Gut un Harliche dem Sankte Patrick sei Daag!


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