Spirit Voices! 2/25/16


Odd day today…Spiritual forces in flux…feeling that something’s going to happen on a grand scale again…we shall see!

I’m receiving the impression of a young woman, thin and with light hair, staring at the sunset…she is sad, pining over the loss of her lover…lost at sea perhaps, because I see her at the coast. She doesn’t have long to live herself as there is an undiagnosed illness within her. The image shift to a year later and her Spirit is attending her own funeral…the disease caught up with her…I see her lover in Spirit with her now and they walk off…I feel that they are both connected in some way to the beach where they last met in life…I get the names Nancy and Tyler.

In mundane matter:

I will be available for phone readings today and tonight.

Machts Gut!

R. Scott

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