Spirit Voices! 2/9/16


Harrliche Fastnacht Daag!

Heit Marriye hemmer  ken Schnee do awer Ich hab alle die fastnachts gemacht!

Today is Fastnacht day! Every year I make fastnachts which are a raised doughnut that were traditionally made by the Deitsch people on Shrove tuesday. I’ve heard that it was to use up what was left of the fat and flour before the lenten season started. I don’t know the complete history, but I do know that my grandmom made them every year. So I carry on the tradition!


I suppose that’s my mundane thing for the day except I will be available later today and this evening for phone readings. I’ll have a Spirit message tomorrow…

Harrliche Fastnacht Dagg!

Machts Gut!

R. Scott


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