Spirit Voices! 2/8/16


En bissel meh Schnee heit fer uns! Yes they’re predicting a bit more snow for us here in Cape May, not a major snow, but nonetheless nothing to which  I’m looking forward. I’m longing for summer now and the gardens, but that often happens in February.

I’m getting the impression of an older woman, thin and greying, alone in her home, her husband has long passed and she is sitting down in her living room about to eat a sparse dinner while watching TV. She is not feeling the best today, she seems lonely and weary of the world. The image shifts to the same woman now ready for bed and very sleepy…she passes quietly in her sleep. I get the name Dorothy…she has a son still who hadn’t visited in quite a while. She was found later by a neighbor who kept an eye out for her. My feeling is that she lingers around her home, waiting for the son.

In mundane things:

I will have availability for phone readings later today and tonight. The new system seems to be working well and I’ll have information soon to the advisers who showed interest in becoming part of Ravenstar Psychic Services!

all for now,

Machts Gut!

R. Scott


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