Spirit Voices! 1/21/16


The impression that I’m getting today is that of man and woman both young and seen on a commercial jet airliner. I see them heading to a vacation spot, but I feel that they were victims of an airline crash…I can see the oxygen masks come down from the ceiling and I feel the fear and a rush  of adrenaline as the plane descends,,,, The image switches to two small children, at home…these are the kids they left behind. The mother seems to be reaching out to the youngest child…I get the name Miriam and the word Oshkosh. I’m seeing an older woman comforting the children and a small terrier type dog.

In mundane things:

I have availability for phone readings this evening on my private line…The weather is calling for blizzard conditions here in Cape May this weekend, with high winds and flooding,,,,Hopefully we wont lose power…If we lose utilities my availability may change.

Machts Gut!

R. Scott

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